Hoax Over Sleepytown

by Colton Cerny

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released July 16, 2013


all rights reserved



Colton Cerny Austin, Texas

Texas born Colton Cerny is heavily influenced by old-time rock and roll. He and his band, The Trespassers, effectively harnesses an electic mish mash of style, delivering a potent cocktail of intensity and rhythm along with engaging lyrics.

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Track Name: Restless Contender
Well the night don't pull her punches on the city's hazy glow
Where the pocket change professors sleep with no place else to go
And down at old Romero's there's a sweet little whiskey platoon
Burning up their weekly wages lord howling' at an hour glass moon
Times have changed for the common man got a heavy price on his head
He got so much to do in so little time he's almost better off dead
Oh but the tables turn so quickly don't you know
when your doubts are laid so neatly in a row

And the fallen call your name aloud from the backstreets to the burning hills
tangled in that weeping line of broken hearts and fever chills
Shadows darting from the light rising up slow with the steam
As the restless contender steps back into the ring

Now big jack he runs the numbers under hand just like before
He works the nightshift down on riverside at the chevron corner store
But there's a hunger dwelling in the heart of this godsick masquerade
thinking back to fading shelters and how he threw it all away
Cause it's a tightrope walk to a bitter dawn and a hopeless high to defend
Letting chances slip the weeks go by scattered to the wild, wild wind
Oh but perhaps we'll meet much further up the road
If there's still time to pay the junkman what he's owed

Well it's cold here at the bus stop you know it feels just like a dream
Where the faceless phantoms congregate in clouds of nicotine
And the cafe's glow on golden wings and the prophets hold their own
As the waitress brings the special lord they don't feel so far from home
But the black ballet keeps raging on to the south side you return
Standing fixed to wage the third world war with the madness you have earned
'Till those promises mean nothing once again. They're only used as ammunition in the end

And the fallen call your name aloud from the backstreets to the burning hills
Tangled in that weeping line of broken hearts and fever chills
Wayward children of the night moving softly go unseen
As the restless contender steps back into the ring
Track Name: Sister Steal Away
Well it's 3 AM
Them shadows of Montgomery you're walking them again
With all the small time provers and plant life movers
Out to bleed you on the turn around
Lord you better steal away

Well sister steal yourself away back to Baton Rouge
Don't you tell a soul you're leaving, you 'ain't got time to lose.
'Ain't that a shame?
We'll if they catch you on the corner
They're gonna put you in the ground

Tommy got the word on back
You know he found out just this evening at his joint across the tracks
This time it's gonna cost him and he knows you double crossed him
Heard all about your talking now
So pack it up and steal away

Well sister steal yourself away back to Baton Rouge
I won't say I ever saw you but you're burning up the fuse
'Ain't that a shame?

A curse is stained on your name babe
Forty days and forty nights you've worn your daddy's chains
And the tricks keep turning and still your learning
All the do's and don'ts of down and out
You got to get on down the road

So sister steal yourself away back to Baton Rouge mama
Don't you say I didn't warn you now it's time to make your move
'Ain't that a shame?
What a shame
Ride on
Little Sister ride on
Get free.
Track Name: No Man's Land
Carry me through the ages
Fortify my very soul
Walk with me on a stillborn shore Anna
Keep me from the bitter cold
All my life I've been searching for something
Never there to be found
A plastic savior and yesterday's love
Just simplify the truth and kick you when you're down

Way out in No Man's Land
Where every dreamer comes around
Out here in No Man's Land
Where the blood runs to the ground

Well nothing here is forgiven
And nothing here is unfurled
Sundown finds you roaming on
The dirty streets of this underworld
And all around things are bound for changing
Cut and worn by the rain
Stumblin' out on this highway we'll cross
Where bitter is the end and bitter is the night

Way out in No Man's Land
There's a poison soaking in
Out here in No Man's Land
No Position to defend

So like a ghost we'll ride so heavy toward the sun
Will vagrant winters divide when all is said and done?

Way out in No Man's Land
Where every dreamer comes around
Out there in No man's land
Where the blood runs to the ground
Track Name: 4% Pantomime
The management said they were sorry
For the inconvenience you are suffering
And Mr. Booking Agent, please have mercy
Don't book the jobs so far apart
We went up to Griffith Park
With a fifth of Johnny Walker red
And smashed it on a rock and wept
While the old couple looked on into the dark

Oh, Baby, tell me if it's poker
Oh, Honey honey child, tell me, who's got the joker
is it poker?

Deuces wild, like an only child
I'll see what you got. How much is in the pot
You pay the tips and I'll collect the chips
It's a full house tonight--everybody in town is a loser
Well you know it's true mamma

The dealer's been dealing me bad hands
From the bottom of the deck without the slightest blush
And I don't know whether to call or check
But right now I feel like I got a royal flush
And my lady didn't show from 'Frisco
But we had to go on with the show
Everybody got stoned--it was a gas, it was a smash
Everybody got wrecked, checked. Oh, oh, oh, oh.

Oh, Belfast cowboy, lay your cards on the grade
Oh, Belfast cowboy, can you call a spade a spade

Oh, baby tell me, is it poker
You know i just can't understand who the fool is that holds this joker
Is it poker
Track Name: Strangers (Brunswick & Duvon)
Well the gin house boy has jumped the gun
Where them ancient veins of diesel run
And jackals call to madmen of a crown overthrown
The spirit of the switching yard stitched into their bones

Beneath that cold and ragged sky
Jockomo walks on with a tombstone in his eye
Gonna meet him cross the river back up in the pines
A little juke joint out of town where everybody's feelin' fine

And I know
You're gonna turn me away when your sweet premonitions don't take
Born in binding grace with a china doll face
You try for every hazard you can shake

Night moves on
Down on Brunswick and Duvon
See 'em gathered at the gate
' round that busted ol' pawn shop radio

And the band was swingin' on
Like some rusty axe they cut the dawn
Well Dime-a-dancin' romancin' Maggie by my side
Two charmers in the midnight up to Sugar Hill we ride

And back up north they're walking tall
Tracing thunder up and down the station wall
Movin' separate circles out of time and tune
Out of season goes the victor much too soon

And as the dirty light
Reaches Cannon's Plain
The harem girls come softly out of hiding
Such a healing game like a needle through a flame
In the second line of strangers they escape

Night moves on
To their masters they have gone
Singing' Hail, hail Rock 'n' Roll
Deliver me a witness once again

Well now the trumpets of new victory sound
In the streets they scream and shout it
But when the Hoax fell down on Sleepytown
Not a word was said
Not a word was said about it

And Jockomo he's down with the parasite blues
Ever since he he lost out on his boulevard muse
Oh what a crowd gathered round when they found him in the river

So darlin' here I'm standing now
Where the lion lays down with the lamb
I had just reached the surface when the feeling it died
Gunned down like a fool
Gone as the night it goes on

Down on Brunswick & Duvon
See 'em gathered at the gate
with that busted ol' pawn shop radio
Track Name: For The Applicant
All the mountain ash is gathered up
Where the platforms breed beginnings
And the Sunday crowd collects to feed on visions of the vine
I see a stranger in the nursery crying out a voice of knives
And it's a joyous day for runaways up and down the line

oh but what I wouldn't give for just a small change of perception
Say the word and I'll come back today

Consciousness not fade away

Now the fairgrounds are in ruin
And the carnival is gone
And though the weather is an angry drunk everything will carry on
Through the empty rooms of summer legends live by word of mouth
Among the cracking bones of sugar cane in the cradle of the south

And still that chapel bell he chimes for me
Burning flesh off every hour
A wilderness of fortune and decay

Consciousness not fade away
Consciousness not fade away

From the western shores come suitors
And appraisers smooth as glass
They mark their treasures in the wake of youth oh so gently as they pass
And will my love be won salvation or will it rot here in the earth
Forever muzzled black and blue won't you tell me what its worth

Oh and what they wouldn't give just to add to their collection
The last to leave has finally gone a stray

Consciousness not fade away
Consciousness not fade away
Track Name: Lily
In bleak and idle arms we dream
Pitchin' Q's out back around the ice machine
Holdin' on to everything that slows us down
But that's the way it goes in this sleepwalking town oh yeah
It's gonna be alright tonight - and I said
Lily when I look upon you
I don't see a stranger no
I don't see the gloom a day has brought
Just a little fortune left untold

And now I can't help but think about it
Woman if you told me yes
We gonna tear this whole town up in one holy night
Yeah we'll make 'em all confess
And Lily I'll do my best
I'll do my very best

Some sleek pretender from the alley way
Cut your heart right out and put it on display
Conquered in the back room where the organ grinds
You look for restitution but you know you'll never find it here
Oh baby ain't it clear to you? -and I said

Lily I been drifting so long
That I don't see the danger no
I just want a chance at love so fine
To lift you up and call you mine

And now I can't help but think about it
Woman if you told me yes
We gonna tear this whole town up in one holy night
Yeah we'll make 'em all confess
And Lily I'll do my best
I'll do my very best

And Lily you are a force of nature scarred well beyond your years
Don't you stand alone and wait in vein for the pain to disappear

And through it all we get nowhere
Steppin' out like death into the autumn air
Lonely as the patrons down on Shepard's Row
You know them boys they never could let go it's true
But Lily I got you tonight -and I said

You know I've gone and made up my mind
Cause I ain't lookin' for redemption no
I've just seen enough to know this time
That you're the answer you're the one

And now I can't help but think about it
Woman if you told me yes
We gonna tear this whole town up in one holy night
Yeah we'll make 'em all confess
And Lily I'll do my best
I'll do my very best
Track Name: Gone To Sea
I stood before the waterfront
With only seven days of missing
Left to rain upon my mind
Humming cradle songs and spinning questions
I feel nothing but the breeze
At the altar of my father
With the stillness of the water
I decided not to answer you at all

A sailor man with brackish eyes
Walks the moonlight of a pier
To a night between the legs of some distraction
You know he sees himself as John the Baptist
And his profession as the finest plate of gold
In the darkness we have scattered
Wild eyed and static tattered
Leaving home back there on Devastation Hill

There are figures in the doorway making time
They watch the past slip away
From a frozen engine room on a Friday night

Gone to sea again my friend
Gone to sea to meet their end down there
Nothing more to hide

And the flowers I remember
There all laid out for the dead
As you and I walked hand and hand along the shoulder
Oh but the ocean, she's a mother
She don't dream and she don't hunger
and she don't curse the wind or tide for changing

And someday soon
Bears the same old holy wounds while switchin' sides
Chokes himself on back to sleep
and calls it even
calls it good

So i'm gone to sea for good my friend
Gone to sea to start again I cannot face you
Well I'll be gone long before you wake
Somewhere behind the sun

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